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Boys go-karting trip

BHYC took a group of young boys go-karting today as part of the Holiday Activities and Food Programme (HAF2023).

The Bristol Horn Youth Concern (BHYC) recently organized a go-karting event, taking 20 young boys to the track for a day of adventure and enjoyment. For many participants, it was their first experience with go-karting, and they expressed genuine enthusiasm and enjoyment throughout the day.

The event, part of the Holiday Activities and Food Programme (HAF202), aimed to provide inner-city youth with opportunities for recreational activities often unavailable to them. By engaging in the fun day out, participants were able embrace new experiences, fostering a sense of excitement and camaraderie.

This event is just one of BHYC's ongoing efforts to empower young individuals and broaden their horizons. By offering opportunities for leisure and recreation, the charity works to contribute to the holistic development of Bristol youth, nurturing confidence and resilience along the way.

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